Eid Inspiration

With Eid approaching I thought I’d share what outfits Im loving right now. The times i want dress down a little as being indian married to a bengali, our culture is so rich in asian attire and intricate work i always opt for a super flowy abaya so i can still jazz my self up with hijab and jewellery.

This cape abaya blew me away as the colours are so me!nude pinks and blacks, what a powerful yet subtle combination! you guys know I love opting for things outside of the box and this abaya just does it for me! its made up of different textures the pink sleeve cape is made up of a soft mesh whilst the back is made of nida.  I paired it with a dusty pink jersey hijab and a tea pink hand bag which again is unique to the UK!


Hijab : https://www.instagram.com/hijabobsessions/

Cape Abaya : https://www.instagram.com/asud.abayas/

Bag: https://haute-elan.com/collections/bags?rfsn=501936.08037


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