Simplicity….current watch and summer hijab

So I’ve always been a sucker for anything with bling and I still am! However, as I continue to ever explore my own sense of fashion i find myself falling for anything that is simple,elegant yet speaks volumes.

I’ve been wearing my high end blinged out MK watch for many years, a true love in my watch collection however, as I’m growing as an individual my recent watch couldn’t suit my outfits more perfectly!

Meet my…

“Al Awwal Light”

Liquid Silver

Brown Leather


Such a classic timepiece! What truly made me take the plunge into purchase was the Arabian art numbers, those who know me know i love doing things, wearing things outside of the box! This is truly me ! Not many people have such class on their wrist compared to the trending “become the norm” blinged watches which is why i love it even more as it’s so unique to other watches.

Watch :

10% Discount: quote : MODESTSTREET at checkout


Now coming to the chiffon hijabs i’m rocking recently… with the current humid weather in the U.K these bubblegumhijab plain chiffon shawls hijabs have been my got to and the colours!!! ohhh my oh myy!!! the pastel shades are a complete must have for any fashionistas palette. ‘It’s ideal for special ocassions too, the hijab itself is cut in a half moon shape so you can create effortless drapes easily.

My favourite hijab colour is pastel blues/powder blues and they are the most hardest hijab colours to find believe me when I tell you I have searched high and low ! So if I show you a powder blue, girls you’d better make a grab before they go out of stock and never restocked!

Meet my fave cornflower chiffon shawl:

You see?! There’s just something about pastel blues I love!!! who’s feeling this colour?!

The hijabs are available in an array of pastel shades at

Cornflower blue hijab

10% Discount: quote: Aisha10 at checkout

Together with my watch and hijab they both connote such simplicity and elegance.



Thanks for taking the time to read this post! I love you guys!

Aisha xxx


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