Millionai Hair Mist Review


Before we begin, can I just say I am totally in love with this mist! My daughters (aged 12 and 9) love this just as much as I do!

I have been using the millionaire hair mist for more than two months and it has definitely replaced our argan oils, and high end hair products.

How do i describe it?it’s a magic spray in a bottle! The recipe is inspired by a traditional recipe, made up of a blend of supercharged organic ingredients. Each spray of the lightweight mist deeply nourishes and strengthens each strand of hair as it combats frizz, dandruff and hair loss without…..(here’s the best bit)….leaving it greasy! hands up how many of us are guilty of going a bit crazy or ott with using more hair oils than needed in our hair and then we end up looking like greasy stranded babes rather than silky stranded! i confess! me! well with this spray i have gone ott with the amount i spray it does not go greasy! As a busy mum of 5, i love the fact that its not a hair product that needs warming up in the palm of your hand because aint nobody got time for that! neither is it something that needs massaging into the hair for ages, with this beautiful time saving product you can spray it into wet or dry hair and you’re good to go! no messy hands, no greasy heads! The mist itsef is a blend of organic aloe vera leaf juice, organic blackcurrant extract, pomegranate extract, argan oil, sage essential oil and castor oil.

The first time i was introduced to this bad boy by a friend i had purchased the older packaging which was in a strong long rectangle glass bottle, i had a few issues with not being able to travel with it for weight issue reasons and also the bottle itself being glass raised concerns about my luggage. However, i received my second bottle in it’s new PLASTIC packaging! and i’m a happy bunny!!!!! i mean a travel friendly bottle with all one needs for hair goodness?! the company have nailed it for me. The is a very light pleasant smell but it falls very close to fragrance free, nothing too overpowering and appearance wise it looks like a cloudy water!

It leaves my hair feeling very smooth and soft, under my many layers of hijab and all those intricate styles i actually have hair which is dyed in various colours so i always try and treat my hair to non abrasive hair products. My hair definitely feels softer,smoother and stronger!

With the current hot weather in the uk my little girls use this to spritz into their hair every morning to protect it for the long school day ahead, and i spray it into my toddlers hair before he goes into nursery everyday.

I highly recommend this for everyone especially for people on the go who need a quick fix that works!

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